Martin Snelgrove

Martin Snelgrove is CEO and cofounder of Untether AI, coming from 16 years in academia and 20 years in tech startups. His academic career, first at the University of Toronto and then with an industrial research chair at Carleton University in Ottawa, produced published and patented research in topics from computer architecture to signal-processing techniques in circuits. He has patents dating back to 1990 in near-memory computing, the basis for Untether’s hyper-efficient inference engines, and has served in roles as Chief Scientist, CTO and CEO in RFIC, mixed-signal, telecom and computer architecture startups since leaving academia in 1997.


Darrick Wiebe

Darrick has founded and led multiple enterprise software startups. He has 20 years of software development experience and his software is in use in a wide range of areas including the government, military, biotechnology and in firmware systems.


Raymond Chik

Raymond has 30 years experience bringing chips to market and extensive executive experience. He holds a PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Toronto and is a Senior Member of IEEE. Raymond was also a founder of the Toronto Chapter of the IEEE Solid State Society.